Live-edge table. Big-leaf figured maple from Vancouver Island

Ring "Box"

Ring Box open

Ring Box open

Jewel Orb

Jewel Orb

Jewel Orb open

Bombe chest

Bombe chest detail

The Twins. These 2 lamps where made from 1 reclaimed spruce 2x4 x 8'

Mica Lamp. Reclaimed fir with ebony.


Mica floor lamp

Fir and Mica floor lamp

Pig bench

"Rear view" of the pig bench

2x4 competition

2x4 competition entry

reno model

Old fir 2x4 and Copper

Wedged-wood stool

back of 7of 9

7 of 9

Bent and Twisted

detail 7 of 9

Table and benches

ATB Table

ATB Table Model